Crab stick, avocado and tob,ko, wrapped with cucumber served with vinegar sauce and spicy mayo

French Salmon Tata
Chopped salmon with apple. onion & block caviar on top. served with Yuzu-soy sauce and grape seed oil

Tuna Tataki
Pan seared and served with chef special chili sauce

White Tuna Carpaccio
Light torch sear super white tuna with cucumber,
dry seaweed, red onion dress on light ponzu sauce

Sashimi Appetizers
Assorted filets of row fish

Yellowtail Serrano
Torch thinly sliced yellowtail dressed with jalapeno pepper. served with ponzu sauce and a touch of s,iracha sauce

Kappa Treasure
Yellow fin tuna, red caviar and scallion. stuffed in cucumber

Sushi Pizza
Seaweed tempera with avocado, fresh salmon sashimi. yellow fin tuna sashim,. tomato. mayo and olives

Tri Color Sashimi Rolls
2 pcs white tuna. 2 pcs tuna. 2 pcs salmon wrapped with mango. baby sprout. shiso with dipping sauce


Takoyaki (4 pieces)
Mini octopus ball

Agedashi Tofu with light sweet ginger sauce

Steamed Edamame with light salt

Spicy Edamame

Shumai Steamed or Fried

Gyoza Steamed or Fried
(Beef, Chicken, or Veggle)

Fried Spring Roll
Deep fried, pork or vegetables

Fresh Spring Roll
Rice paper filled w. shrimp. rice noodle, crab suck, basil & lettuce

Crab Rangoon (6 pieces)
Natural crobmeat mixed with cream cheese

Chicken with homemade sauce

 Kara Age
Boneless fried chicken

 Grilled Hamachi Karma
Grilled yellowtail collar

Shrimp in Shredded Potatoes

Khaki Fried Oyster (5 pieces)

Vegetable Tempura

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura

Fried Calamari
with salt & pepper

B.B.Q. Squid
with onion, service w. teriyaki sauce

Thai Ribs

Thai Wings

Salt & Pepper Wings w. Jalapeno

Crazy Soft Shell Crab Lightly spiced with jalopen

Scallion Pancake  with ginger sauce