Served with miso soup

Unaju Don
Broiled eel over rice

Tekka Don
Tuna sashimi over rice

Fancy Sake Don
Salmon sashimi. grilled salmon, salmon roe over rice

Assorted fresh fish over bed of rice

Salmon Combo
Spicy salmon (6). salmon roll (6). salmon hand roll (I)

Tuna Combo
Spicy tuna (6). tuna roll (6). tuna handroll (I)

Spicy Combo
Spicy tuna (6). spicy yellowtail (6). spicy salmon (6)

Vegetarian Maki Combo 
Grilled vegetable rolls (6). Idaho maki (6). Cucumber roll (6)

Sushi Regular

Chefs choice of 6 pcs sushi plus tuna roll (6)

Sushi Deluxe (16 pcs)

Chefs choice of      pcs sushi plus California roll (6)

Sashimi Deluxe (16 pcs)
Chefs choice of raw fish fillets

Maki Deluxe 
Spicy tuna (6), 0 Ginger Roll (5), Yellowtail scallion (6)

Sushi & Sashimi Combo
5 pcs sushi.      pcs sashimi. tekka maki (6)​



Spicy fresh tuna. tobiko. avocado, cucumber. crabmeat. mix green with yummy sauce and yuzi sauce

Fresh salmon, cream cheese. crabmeat. lettuce, cucumber, spicy mayo & eel sauce w. crunchies

Yellowtail with tobiko, avocado, lettuce, pickled. baby carrot. wasab. mayo and eel sauce

California Sunomo (cooked)
Crab salad, avocado, cream cheese, tobiko, cucumber with eel sauce in a deep fried roll

Buddha Roll (veggie)
Fresh avocado, cucumber, carrot, tofu, lettuce, and tomato in special veggie sauce

Tuna, salmon. crabmeat. yellowtail, lettuce. cucumber, avocado, pickled daikon. and carrot with wasabi yuz. sauce


Small Boats
9 pcs sashimi, 10 pcs sushi. 0 Ginger Maki (5)

Large Boat
12 pcs sashimi. 20 pcs sushi. 0 Ginger MakE (5).
Tekka MakE (6)